Stefan Nipstad scriptwriter and director of commercials
Stefan has a solid background in advertising and a passion for creative problem solving. He is known for his ability to create eye opening stories with heart, humor and a graphic twist. From a position as Art Director in well known Lowe/Brindfors he moved to the south of Sweden where he had the privilege to start an in house film department at IKEA Communications. His job there, apart from scriptwriting and directing, was to secure the quality of execution in complex international productions as well as in film for internal use. In 2007 he joined a creative network and started to produce commercials as an independent director.

Working with several producers Stefan Nipstad also provides tailor made productions internationally and in Sweden.

Alcro, Aller, City Gross, Expert, Ericsson, Glitter, IKEA, Naxos, Niconovum, Nordnet, Oatly, Polarbröd, Pripps/Utenos, Pågen, Resurs Bank, SVT, Svenska spel, Terracom, Warner.